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Information Technology

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Winsome Jacobs

Phone: (352) 629-8238
Fax: (352) 401-3924
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The Office of Information Technology is a function of Support Services, and is funded through the General Fund. City departments are provided with the hardware and software needed to operate efficiently and consistently with other City departments. The Services provided by the IT Office include:

System Evaluations

Conduct Business Process Analysis, Needs Assessments, and Evaluation of Technology Alternatives, System Feasibility, and Software Solutions. Prepare Functional and System Specifications and Implementation Plans. Provide Project Management for new system implementations.

Applications Implementation and Support

Provide both technical and functional support services to implement, manage, and maintain vendor designed ERP applications and their related systems such as Cogsdale CSMS, Tyler Eden Financial, CRW Trakit Land Management System, Lucity Work Management System, Chevin FleetWave Management System, Tyler and Onbase Content Management Systems, and more.

Network Infrastructure and Services

Provide secured resources for File and Print Sharing, Internet Access, Internal and Internet E-mail, Document Imaging. Manage Infrastructure Design and Implementation, Server Administration, and Network Security.

Personal Computer Support

Provide PC Technical Support, including Hardware/Software Installation, Troubleshooting, Repair, Equipment Upgrades, Service Desk Support, Purchasing Specifications, Software Licensing and Upgrades.

Web Development

Provide support and maintenance of the City Internet Web Site infrastructure. Maintain and expand the City's Intranet Capabilities to facilitate on-line communication and information sharing between departments.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Development

Facilitate consistent spatial data analysis by all City departments through the implementation of a citywide GIS. Provide support and coordination of GIS efforts and investment by other departments.