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Ocala historic district
Building in the ocala historic district
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Building in the Ocala Historic District

Advisory Board

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The Ocala Historic Preservation Advisory Board, commonly referred to as OHPAB, consists of nine (9) members appointed by City Council.  OHPAB's responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:  issuing Certificates of Appropriateness (CAs), advising City Council and other city boards on issues regarding the City's historic resources; and educating the public on the economic benefits of historic preservation and federal, state and local laws and policies regarding programs that encourage historic preservation.

OHPAB meets the first Thursday of every month beginning at 4:00 pm in the City Council Chambers, located on the second floor of City Hall, 110 SE Watula Avenue, Ocala, FL.  The application deadline for submitting CAs is the Thursday three weeks prior to the meeting date.

A Certificates of Appropriateness (CA) must be issued by OHPAB before any work to the exterior of a property located within locally designated historic districts.  This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Any changes to materials in the exterior appearance of existing buildings or structures.
  • Any alterations or additions to the exterior of buildings or structures -- i.e.: changes to windows, doors, roofs, siding, porches, entrance-ways, stairs, railings, etc.
  • Demolition or partial demolition of any building or structure.
  • Any new construction.
  • The erection of fences or walls and the installation of storage sheds, gazebos, arbors, swimming pools/hot tubs, satellite dishes, fountains, etc.

A Certificate of Appropriateness shall be considered prerequisite to the issuance of any other permits required by law.  The issuance of a CA shall not relieve the applicant from obtaining other permits or approvals required by the City.  A building permit or other municipal permit shall be invalid if it is obtained without a CA required for the proposed work.

Certificate of Appropriateness Applications are available at the City's Growth Management Department, located on the second floor of the Citizen Service Center, 201 SE 3rd Street and at the following link: Application for a Certificate of Appropriateness (C.A.).  Building plans for structural changes or new construction, including all four elevations, drawn to scale with dimensions, must be submitted with the CA application.  If the owner cannot attend the OHPAB meeting, then an authorization letter for a non-property owner representative at the meeting must also accompany the CA application.

Certificate of Appropriateness are valid for six (6) months.  Provided construction is started within the six (6) month period, the owner will have twelve (12) months to complete the work.  An owner may request an extension from staff to either start or complete the work, or both.  If the property is sold before the work authorized by a CA has been started, the new owner would have to submit a new CA application.